Company profile

Mission Statement

BEC  Services is a technologically diverse organization. Stringent to our  HSEQ System, we endeavor to ensure excellence in providing professional  services to our client base.   

Our Vision

To  exist as an industry leader, whilst we traverse and exploit a  technological plane of innovation and solution that ensures the  continuous development of our human resource capital, as we delve into  the local, regional and international business markets. We strive to  earn customer enthusiasm through our comprehensive HSEQ Program and  employee values of integrity, teamwork, reliability and the maxims of  collective responsibility.   

Implementation Strategy

  • Maximize the value of our products and services through prudent techniques. 
  • Continuously updating our knowledge base and support infrastructure.
  • Providing a work environment that encourages innovative ongoing improvement.   


BEC Services was registered in 2012 however, commenced operation in 2002 formally under the name Sub-Circuit Electrical Services, where the then General Manager now serves as Senior Electrical Consultant. As you traverse this website, you will come to understand the competence of our resource capital and the wealth of knowledge related to works completed. In an attempt to facilitate the growing needs of our clients we have expanded our services to incorporate construction. We Specialize in Commercial and Domestic Construction and General Property Maintenance, Source and Supply of Materials and Labour, as well as Refurbishment, inclusive of all reference support services and construction machinery. Not to mention our concurrent electrical services which include; Industrial and Commercial Electrical Installation and Maintenance Repairs, Servicing and Maintenance of Electric Power Machinery and Equipment.    

Globalization, Free trade; their implications, coupled with other factors have fostered fierce competition amongst Commercial Enterprises /Industries. Mere survival has become a daily challenge. Companies must now continuously strive to find more efficient and economical ways to manage their operations, so as to improve their products and services in meeting such challenges.   

Being ever cognizant of these factors, our company delivers optimum services to the industrial and commercial sectors providing quality products and services at a “competitive advantage”.   


The following is a list of clients that we have worked with and continue to serve:

  • Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) 
  • Schlumberger Trinidad Inc. Drilling and Measurements 
  • ESWIL 
  • Tracmac engineering 
  • I.A.L. Directional Services 
  • Fernandez Distillers Limited 
  • Lake Asphalt Limited 
  • Trinidad Petroleum Services 
  • Crown Industries 
  • ANSA Mc AL 
  • Southern Steel Products 
  • RPL (1991) Printery 
  • Point Lisas Steel Products Limited 
  • Damus Roofing Systems 
  • Electrical Consultants Services 
  • Gulf Engineering limited 
  • BPTT
  • Batchansing Quarry limited 
  • Sand Products Limited 
  • Better Deal Supermarket 
  • Infotech 
  • Kreekon General Contracting Ltd 
  • Tamana Tech Park  
  • F.Khan Machine Shop 
  • Samar Entertainment Center 
  • All Trinidad And Sugar Workers Trade Union 
  • Southern Food Basket 
  • Smile Designs  
  • Indoor Outdoor Furnishing Limited 
  • D. Seebalack Drive In Hardware 
  • Mohammed Book Store Associates Limited 
  • Hobsons Court 
  • Food Basket Market Place 
  • Best Price Supermarket 
  • A.S.J.A. 
  • RBTT Arima 
  • Chagaramas Development Centre 
  • CMR Stationery Facility Rio Claro Construction  
  • Thomas Construction 
  • Goodwood Racing 
  • Decker Petroleum 
  • Servus Ltd 
  • C.Rooks Oilfied and Engineering