We Specialize in Commercial and Domestic Construction and General Property Maintenance, Source and Supply of Materials and Labour, as well as Refurbishment, inclusive of all reference support services and construction machinery. Not to mention our concurrent electrical services which include; Industrial and Commercial Electrical Installation and Maintenance Repairs, Servicing and Maintenance of Electric Power Machinery and Equipment.  


Support Services: Building

  • General Building 
  • Roofs 
  • Retaining Walls 
  • Procurement 
  • Fences 
  • Refurbishing  
  • Demolition 
  • Painting: Roofs and Buildings  
  • Roof Cleaning 
  • Management Services 
  • Estimates  

Support Services: Electrical

  • Application Engineering and Installation of Electrical Control Systems  
  • Design of Electrical and Control Systems  
  • Commissioning and Start-up Experience 
  • Electrical Systems: HV, MV, LV Installation, Testing and Commissioning including Cable trays, Conduits, Cables, Terminations Splices and Ducting 
  •  Twenty-four (24) Hour On-Call Service Personnel  
  • General Order/ Supplier of Quality Products 
  • Sourcing Professional Skilled and Semi-skilled Labour 
  • Supply, Repair, Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Machinery and Equipment 
  • Feasibility Studies, Engineering Services, Formulation of Bill of Quantities and Budget Estimates for Electrical Projects 
  • Electrical Construction and Installation Services 
  • Commercial and Industrial Project Management Services  

Source and Supply: Materials /Labour

Our sourcing and supply agents are well qualified and competent. Through years of active involvement in this field we have acquired immense experience, knowledge and expertise in the products and services we offer. Through continued updating of our knowledge base we continue to seek more effective ways in delivering our services. Resulting from our singleness of purpose and size of our operations, we are able to source and supply professional, skilled and semi-skilled workers, managing them so as to provide greater efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness. Every effort is made to ensure that those engaged in our services are trustworthy and have good interpersonal relationship skills. We foster an environment where unity, camaraderie and cohesiveness thrive.  

Electrical Engineering Construction

Electrical Engineering Services -Engineering Design, Procurement, Installation, Testing, Calibration, Maintenance and Commissioning of Electric Control Systems as well as High, Medium, and Low Voltage Installation and Testing. Environment, Health, Safety and Quality Systems are an integral part of our operation and play a major role in meeting our clients’ expectations. Our Safety and QA/QC policies inclusive of our recurrent inspection and testing, method and procedures ensure a safe and reliable service.  

Civil Works

Building and Construction Services – Procurement and Planning, Construction of Commercial and Domestic Buildings (Inclusive of Roofs and Retaining Walls), Demolition, Refurbishing and General Maintenance. Our human resource would continue to work assiduously, in forging a foundation of strong Safety and QA/QC policies as mentioned above.  

Electrical Works

Civil & Structural Works

General Maintainance